Nasal Fractures

January 20, 2022 By Amar Gupta, MD

Nasal fractures most commonly occur as a result of blunt facial trauma sustained in events such as motor vehicle accidents, sports-related injuries, assaults and falls. In fact, the nasal bones are the most frequently fractured facial bone and tend to peak in incidence during the second and third decades of life with a male predominance. In a basic sense, the external nose is made up of bone (the upper third of its structure) and cartilage ...

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Anatomy of the Nose – Skin and Subcutaneous Tissues

January 6, 2022 By Amar Gupta, MD

To accurately assess and characterize the external nose, we have to obtain a solid understanding of the underlying anatomy. In fact, multiple structures influence the surface topography of the nose including the skin (varies in thickness along the nose) and the underlying structural framework of bone and cartilage (osseocartilaginous skeleton). Since this is a large topic, I will focus on the skin and subcutaneous tissues here with a future post on the osseocartilaginous skeleton. Skin ...

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