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California Face Institute board-certified surgeon Amar Gupta, MD, is highly qualified and experienced in the field of facial plastic surgery and aesthetic care. We owe our reputation to a highly personalized and meticulous approach to every patient treated. We view every patient as a member of the California Face Institute family and are proud to have helped our patients realize their aesthetic goals.

California Face Institute offers an array of facial rejuvenation surgeries and non-surgical techniques that enhance, revitalize, and support ageless beauty. Aside from genetics and the inevitability of aging, environmental factors like weight fluctuations, gravity, daily stress, and pregnancy can make it difficult to obtain and maintain your desired facial contour. Whether it is small or more involved facial corrections, achieving a smooth, ageless, and contoured face no longer has to be a battle that you have to fight alone. Dr. Gupta will help you find the treatment plan that best uncovers your most beautiful and radiant self.

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From your initial consultation, Dr. Gupta will provide expert advice to help you identify the treatment most suitable for your personal goals.

We offer advanced 3D imaging technology with Crisalix.

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Dr. Amar Gupta of Riverside, CA performs a wide variety of facial plastic and cosmetic surgery procedures. Dr. Gupta specializes only in procedures and enhancements of the face. This gives patients an opportunity for a more focused and precise outcome to what they want with there desired facial procedure.


Dr. Gupta offers a robust line of non-surgical services to cosmetically enhance your
appearance. These services, provided with the highest care from our Riverside, CA
location, include treatments for the areas of:

Ear, Nose, & Throat

Dr. Gupta and the team at California Face Institute takes great pride in our ability to treat conditions of the ear, nose, and throat. We will listen to your problems, prepare a treatment strategy, and implement that plan to get you back to a better state of health.

“California Face Institute has given me the look I’ve always wanted! Dr. Gupta very friendly, professional, and made me feel like family. Absolutely the best! :)”

Kourtney W.

“Love California Face Institute! Dr. Gupta took such great care of me. The experience overall was amazing. The staff were all really friendly and helpful :)”

Tracy T.

“To me, Dr. Gupta is the best facial surgeon in Riverside County! I couldn't be happier with my results!”

Caitlin C.


Dr. Amar Gupta MD

A well-respected plastic surgeon in the greater Riverside, CA area, Dr. Gupta is known for providing compassionate and professional care at the office. He takes pride in helping men and women realize their aesthetic goals through state-of-the-art plastic surgery procedures.

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