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Wrinkles are simply the sign that you have lived a long and rich life, but often, they can actually make a person look older than they really are. Along with natural aging, factors like sun damage, uneven skin tone, and even certain kinds of acne can age the skin and make you lose your natural, youthful glow. Rather than going under the knife or spending thousands on unreliable lotions, the California Face Institute has an easy and effective treatment for turning back the clock for your skin. With a chemical peel, we can reverse the signs of aging in as little as 7 days as well as improve your skin tone and texture.


To provide the highest quality results from chemical peel treatments, California Face Institute provides you with a selection of options. Your customized chemical peel with exfoliating solutions (such as salicylic, glycolic, trichloroacetic, and lactic acids) will reveal healthier, more radiant skin. At our Riverside, CA office, Dr. Amar Gupta offers chemical peel treatments that help to minimize skin irregularities, including scars, fine lines, wrinkles, dry patches, hyperpigmentation problems, and more. Chemical peels work by removing damaged, dead skin cells with the application of a specific treatment on your skin that causes the oldest layer to peel off. When your skin heals and starts to repair and rejuvenate itself, you may see a clearer, smoother complexion. A chemical peel facial is a noninvasive option to make your complexion radiant and may be appropriate for the face and neck.

Whether you desire a refreshed look or to correct skin imperfections, a chemical peel at the California Face Institute may be right for you. Chemical peels are used to improve the appearance of your skin on the face, neck or hands, with various peels to choose from for only the best results.

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